Time Clock With Fingerprint Reader

Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

Enhance security and eliminate time theft - all with the tap of a finger

Biometric fingerprint punching for your web time clock
Easy to use features, world class support

We have been using OnTheClock for more than three years without issue. Our employees sign in with their fingerprints and have been using it without pain or drama. Its easy to use and very reliable. Try it; You'll like it!

- Mike Danger

Get total confidence with a secure fingerprint punch

All industries can use our fingerprint reader

Ideal for any industry

Tracking employee sign-ins with biometric data is an ideal way to validate that your employees are on-site… no matter what industry you’re in.

Fast, easy setup

Just connect your fingerprint scanner to any Windows computer, desktop, or tablet and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Easily set up a device for employees to punch
Biometric technology

Prevent time theft

Say goodbye to unauthorized sign-ins. With our biometric technology, you can eliminate buddy punching… and stop wondering if your employees are bending the rules.

Get a fingerprint punch for a fair price

  • You need to step up security. And still keep an eye on your bottom line.
  • That’s why we offer fingerprint sign-in for any member of your team for just 50 cents per month per employee.
  • And our biometric punch works with a Digital Persona fingerprint reader that you can pick up for less than $75.
  • It’s the most affordable way to add simple, secure sign-in to your workplace.

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Promote accountability. Prevent time theft.
Make time tracking simple with OnTheClock.

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