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Our mission is to help small businesses track employee time more easily, accurately and efficiently.

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Meet the team

Our culture is a direct reflection of our values. We have an employee first culture, which means that employees are valued above all else. We think of ourselves as a family, we build each other up. We are all doers, we deliver excellence, we simply get things done. At the end of the day we go home knowing that we made a difference, that our work matters.


Written by Dean Mathews

It all started one Saturday evening in December when I was sitting at my kitchen table browsing an accountants forum - apparently I am a pretty big nerd, spending hours reading posts by accountants. I noticed a common theme that the accountants were talking about, they were complaining that they could not find a web based time clock that was accurate and simple. I remember sitting there thinking to myself that I could create that for them.

So literally the next day I started. I did some research on the market and on competitors, then started coding. I also realized that I needed a name, and the name should be reflected in the domain name. After weeks of searching OnTheClock was the name, and the domain was available!

OnTheClock went live in early May of 2004. With a little advertising with AdWords and Yahoo, OnTheClock received some traffic, but no signups.

We received our first signup on May 8, 2004. This was a big day for OnTheClock, our very first trial customer.

Over the first few months a few people per week started signing up and using the time clock system. After a couple years I had a couple hundred companies using OnTheClock. At this point, OTC was not making a profit but this didn't matter, the goal was to solve those accountants' problems and to help small businesses track their employee time. Growth and profit were not even factors.

As the years rolled by, I continued to add new features and upgrade servers to make sure everything was running well for my customers. Around 2009, Ed joined the team part time helping with customer support and billing.

“OnTheClock was started as a passion project”

Today we have a team of 22 people running OnTheClock and serve 15,000 small businesses and their employees. Most customers are in the U.S. but have clients from all around the world. We have a team of dedicated individuals to provide product development, design/graphics, marketing, billing and leadership and most importantly, customer support.

Our mission remains the same today, as it was in back 2004, to help small businesses track employee time more easily, more accurately and more efficiently.


Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & VP




Operations Manager


Customer Experience Manager


Billing & Time Tracking Specialist


Time Tracking Specialist


Lead Time Tracking Specialist


Time Tracking Specialist


Time Tracking Specialist


Time Tracking Specialist


Customer Experience Specialist


Senior Billing & IT


Account Executive


Marketing Director


Design & Creative


Full Stack Developer


Full Stack Developer


Full Stack Developer


Full Stack Developer


Full Stack Developer


Office Mom

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We stand by our values

Our employees and customers are valued above all, even above profit and growth. Employee growth and development leads to a more successful customer. Profit and growth are viewed as evidence that we created an amazing company that customers love.

Do the right thing, even when it hurts. Honesty and transparency are not just catchy words to us, but rather the founding tenants that our company was built on.

We believe that lifelong learning and curiosity are essential not only for professional growth, but for personal health and wellbeing as well. Solving problems, learning new things and finding ways to apply our new knowledge are part of our DNA.

If it's worth doing, it's worth being done with excellence. From delivering excellent customer support to building a product that customers love, we always strive for excellence. Always remembering that perfection is the enemy of excellence.

Build and Do things that change the world. Doers are the ones that take an idea, overcome all obstacles, turning ideas into reality. At OnTheClock, we are all Doers.

Go home knowing that you made a difference today. We spend a lot of time at work. Work should be hard, but also fun and fulfilling.

We accept everybody as the individuals they are. If you align with our values, you have a place here. It's really that simple.

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