Mobile Time Clock For Employees

Finally — a secure mobile time clock

Give your team the convenience they want. Get the security features you need.

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adopted by 15,000 companies and 125,000 employees

Easy to use features, world class support

We needed a simple solution that allowed employees to clock in and out on mobile devices. Other solutions are convoluted with features that we did not need nor did we want to pay for. OnTheClock delivers a simple system that requires no training. Thank you, OnTheClock!

- Chris Apple Store Review

Eliminate Time Theft

Say goodbye to time theft. With geofencing and live GPS tracking, you can always be confident your employees are on site when they’re on the clock.

Stay in control

Employees can sign in from any mobile device. Office workers can clock in from the desktop. And supervisors can punch in the entire team, all at once. You decide what works for your team.

Get live attendance checks

Never wonder if an employee is at work again. Instantly check who’s in and see who’s on the clock, when they clocked in, and where.

Easily switch between jobs

Employees can easily switch between jobs while staying on the clock. And you get detailed reports on hours worked for project and job costing.

Track overtime automatically

Stop wasting time adding up overtime hours. Get accurate overtime totals in seconds — so you can spend more time on what matters.

Designed to Be Simple

Getting started with OnTheClock is easy. Our step-by-step onboarding gets your team going in minutes.

Your data is safe with us. Your team’s GPS data is stored securely on our servers only when they’re punched in — not while the app is closed.

OnTheClock is optimized for minimal battery usage — so you’ll never need to worry about your team’s phones powering down in the middle of a shift.

Clock in anywhere. Track hours. Stop time theft.
Make time tracking effortless with OnTheClock.

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