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A modern time clock with scheduling features that provides an easier solution when creating shifts for hourly and salaried employees. Eliminate the manual process of paper and Excel spreadsheets by using OnTheClock’s employee shift scheduling. Improve accuracy, payroll and avoid overscheduling for your business.

Employee shift scheduling for your web time clock
Easy to use features, world class support

OnTheClock has been a lifesaver! It is very easy to use and has all the functions needs to efficiently manage my employees time, make schedules and track payroll. Also, we have a nexus in several states, so it has made tracking state income taxes for various locations a breeze! My employees love it too because they can punch in/out, track hours and see their schedule all on their smartphone. I will NEVER use paper punch cards or other timeclock applications as long as this product is available. Definitely recommend to any small business owner!

By Christy - General Manager
Drag and Drop employee shifts

Drag and Drop employee shifts

Making shift work simplified. Easily drag and drop employees’ shifts into the schedule and publish it within seconds. For your convenience, our system automatically emails your employees to inform them their schedule is published and ready for viewing. Designed for part-time and full-time employees with various types of schedules.

What will employees see?

Employees will have access to a neat and accurate schedule for viewing. Your team will have a clear understanding of hours they are scheduled to work for the week and the days they are scheduled to work. Furthermore, employees gain an understanding of where they’re supposed to work if they wear multiple hats.

What will employees see?
Advanced Scheduling Features with OnTheClock

Advanced scheduling features

Take shift scheduling to another level by customizing start and end times for specific dates. Use our special filters for locations, departments, jobs, tasks and departments for an additional customized view. Created a shift that works great for your team? Simply copy it for upcoming weeks without backtracking.

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